May 06 2008

Meet The Perfect Stranger

Published by pointnorth at 10:14 pm under Movie Reviews

We have recently viewed one of the best Christian films on DVD we have seen in regard to a discourse about what is Christianity and who is Jesus Chris The film is titled The Perfect Stranger based on the book titled Dinner With a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory. We were surprised this wasn’t nominated last year for the best of 2006, though its sequel Another Perfect Stranger, based on a second book by the same author, was nominated for 2007.
We were startled by how well it was done and the setting which takes place in a restaurant. Nikki Cominsky is a lawyer who is having stress with her marriage and child raising. She receives an invitation from Jesus Christ to have dinner with him at one of her favorite restaurants and thinks it a joke pulled by her husband who had to stand her up that evening. She finds a well-dressed man who identifies himself as Jesus Christ; and as a talented lawyer, she decides to call his bluff.
Practically every question you would want to cover with Jesus is handled in an understandable and concise way. Subjects including creation, the crucifixion and resurrection, how Christianity differs from other religions especially Islam, the Trinity to Heaven, eternity and Hell as well as how to know you are saved. It is NOT a dry stuffy discourse, but a conversation between two who become friends. Yes, it is Jesus Christ; and you will love Him even more as you will love the film.

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