May 19 2009

Hollywood on Fire - Film Review

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Hollywood on Fire

The following is a special review on the DVD film mentioned in the Kerri Pomarolli review. The film is an excellent example of what we have been promoting since our beginnings.  Contrary to the image most popular in the secular media, there are Christians in Hollywood who continue to “keep the faith” and to “fight the good fight”.  They need our support and prayers.

Filled with honest openness, the film reveals the successes and failures of many of today’s and yesterday’s, top actors, directors, producers, music artists, executives and media-based ministries who are all faith driven.  Hollywood of Fire presents a different view of how Christians in the entertainment industry encounter secularists and Hollywood skeptics, yet do not compromise their faith.  Criticized, yet making progress, Hollywood on Fire shows that some of the most influential in Hollywood are Christians.

One of Hollywood’s faithful, actress-comedienne Kerri Pomarolli (covered in this issue) reveals her unique ability to make people laugh with an indisputable artistic quality.  Kerri is thrilled with the new and increasing interest Hollywood networks and studios are taking in  faith-based and family friendly content.

Along with Kerri in this film there are many others featured including Jane Russell, Pat Boone, Chuck Norris, Eric Close and Natalie Grant..  Kerri and husband Ron McGehee participate in the documentary as they discuss the importance of faith in making career decisions; and how being a Christian is not always popular with casting agents, producers, studios and networks.  Christians in  Hollywood are rallying and becoming major voices in making good movies with moral lessons. Jane Russell and Pat Boone have been interviewed by us in the past and Jane refers to the work she did with our own Rhonda Fleming and the late Connie Haines as a Gospel/Pop singing group and Bible study leaders.

Kerri says “I’m honored to be a part of such an impact project.  It gave me chills to sit and watch Jane Russell and other Christian forerunners in Hollywood share their stories of how God was always in this crazy and difficult town.”

The DVD was released early last March and Ye Olde Editor has since run it for several groups.  All were enthusiastic about the presentation and this will be a top contender in  our rating of best 2009 films.  Kerri, by the way, is already working on another DVD. This will be a pure comedy one and was a live performance for a charity to help raise money for “Gabelcrest, Helping Women Rebuild Lives.”  We’ll keep you posted.

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