May 19 2009

Kerri Pomarolli

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In the past, the people we have interviewed have either been contacted in person or recommended by one of our readers.  God works in mysterious ways and this time it was the net.  The question has come up as to whether God has a sense of humor, something we ourselves do not doubt. So we went on a net search and discovered a young Christian comedienne, Kerri Pomarolli.  We were able to see some of her work on the net, and since have talked with Christian church leaders on the West Coast and here in Virginia. All consider her an outstanding Christian actress and author who uses comedy as her pulpit.  Very popular on TV, she has been on the Jay Leno show 29 times at the date of this writing.  Again through the net, we were put in direct contact.  Even before publication of this interview, we had heard from folks who would like to see her booked in their own churches and organizations.

Ed.:  What caused us to look you up was something we believed and apparently you do too-that God has a sense of humor.

Kerri:  That is so funny that you bring that up because, I just did a church conference that I really liked.  This pastor, who I love, got up and said, “God doesn’t have a sense of humor.  No where in the Bible does it say that God has a sense of humor.”  I was like “Are you kidding? Look at my life.  God invented marriage.  If you don’t think God has a sense of humor. Look around.  I think God has a great sense of humor.

I think he has the ultimate sense of humor.  When we laugh, it gives Him joy.”

Ed.:  People overlook Proverbs where a “merry heart” is considered vital.  We also read stories of Jesus where one may easily miss the humor in his statements.  At that time, some of his words may have been recognized by his followers as very humorous.

Kerri:  He had a very dry sense of humor.  I think Jesus had a very dry sense of humor. He did with his disciples.  We Christians get so caught up with  being righteous and doing things correctly that we miss God’s sense of humor.  I think as a Christian comedienne it is my job to point it out.  If you look around, life is pretty funny.

Ed.:  In one of your standup routines you talk about being from the South and about your mom.  And then when I read some of her work on the net,  she sounds like a very talented person herself.  How did that influence your work?

Kerri:  My mother is just a wealth of material.  People ask me where I get my jokes.  I love my jokes because my family is always doing silly things.  All I have to do is carry my notebook and write it down.  Everything in my act comes with some grain of truth.  When I talk about mother stealing the shampoo from Holiday Inn, that’s how we were raised.  We would go out to dinner and mom would get the ketchup package and put it in her purse.  I think it is life, God blessing me with a funny family.

Ed.:  When you went out to Hollywood it wasn’t to do comedy.

Kerri:  No, I got my degree in theater.  I spent some time in New York doing theater. Then I decided I wanted to try film and television.  At that time I was twenty two years old, and I was able to play the teenage roles.  Shows like Dawson’s Creek where they were hiring people in their twenties to play younger roles.   I had a nice little career for myself as an actress, and it wasn’t until I was about twenty seven or twenty eight that standup comedy came into my life.  I was feeling compromised as a Christian as an actress.  I felt if I could do standup comedy I could write my own clean material.

Ed.:  Prior to comedy you were already building quite a career as an actress.  You had recurring roles on General Hospital, Port Charles and Young and the Restless.  And numerous guest appearances.  And both before and now you have been active in films.  I read where you have a  lead in Engaged with Amanda Fuller and another very interesting one relating to your own work.

Kerri:  There are two as you say.  One is being released on DVD that can be found in stores like WalMart titled Hollywood on Fire.    That is a documentary that talks about Christianity through the years in Hollywood.    It is really amazing as people like Jane Russell the actress from the 1950’s is a Christian, and she is in it, and Pat Boone and some other people in the business. It is a really interesting look at faith in Hollywood. 

Ed.: Kerri, you really are a renaissance lady.  You have three books out and you are a columnist.

Kerri:  I love to write.  I think writing is very therapeutic for my soul.  I was just going to basically write about the trials and tribulations as a single woman who didn’t get married until her thirties, and I was feeling really alone.  I started writing my story and found there were a lot of singles out there who felt the same way.  It was just a way for me to speak to the hearts of other people.  I really think one of the gifts God has given me is a big mouth because when I go through stuff I can’t keep quiet about it.  When I put something on paper I like to tell what God is doing in my life.

Ed.:  One of the things we loved on the net was the surprise you had during one of your bits on stage.  That was when Ron McGehee came on stage, got on one knee and proposed. He had the ring ready for you.   We also saw an  interview when Ron mentioned that when witnessing to a doubter, he would pull out your picture to prove there is a God.

Kerri:  I never thought I’d marry a standup comedian, but God has a sense of humor for sure.  Two comedians getting married is quite an adventure.  We do our best as when God puts two people together it is for bigger purposes.  We have a partnership and a ministry and we just do the best we can.  We have the spiritual battles that a Christian couple will have from time to time but just have to keep our faith in God knowing that Satan will never win.

Ed.:  We have talked with a lot of people who have told stories of problems with having both a successful career and being a Christian.  You seemed to have been able to cope with that.

Kerri:  Well,  I haven’t had a lot of rejection from Hollywood in being a Christian.  I have   to be honest with you, and it is something to really pray about.  A lot of the sadness we have experienced comes from people in the Christian community.  People in Christian production and entertainment saying they want to do God- honoring projects, but not walking the walk.  That is where it really hurts.  They are supposed to be brothers and sisters in the Lord and there is an integrity issue.    I know that we all sin and we all have issues, but we are supposed to be pulling together here and not tearing each other down.  I also think we Christians are not immune to the same thing the world is faced with; money, success, power, greed and pride.  God had really convicted me a while ago that I was climbing so many ladders to success.   He said to me “Kerri, there is no ladder  to God.  There is room for everybody.  You don’t have to be in such a hurry to get ahead of other people.  I will guide your career.”  Basically  I think the world tells us we have to be on a fast track to success which has nothing to do with what God has for us.

Ed.:  This issue will be coming out the latter part of April.  Is there anything we can be saying or doing that could be of benefit to your ministry?

Kerri:  I would ask your readers if they could pray for my husband and I.   That we really want to be bold in 2009 and we really need the prayer support.  It is a definite spiritual battle that I have never experienced in my life, moving forward in Hollywood.   To get the doors open where God wants us to go is like going through quick sand.    God has lifted me out of a slimy pit.  We just covet the prayers of your readers.  We feel like we are missionaries in Hollywood and we do what God wants us to do here.

Ed.:  We’ll pray for your daughter Lucy too.

Kerri:  She is a star, she goes on stage, she goes on tour, she goes everywhere.

Ed.:  You all are stars in our view.

Kerri:  We hope to meet you in person, come to some of your churches in Virginia and  come to your show when you have another one.

Ed.:  That’s what we would like.  On our web pages you may have noted, from time to time, we have put on a Christian media convention.  We would like to do another, in the future, and already several outstanding folks like you have said they would like to take part. They want us to continue that aspect of our mission.  We notice that you and your husband also have put on marriage and family workshops.

Kerri:  We do all kinds of events, if there is a need or a fundraiser or an outreach in a community.  We’d love to come in and do some comedy and share  the Gospel.

Our readers are urged to check out Kerri’s web page The page will direct readers to her  award winning columns, samples of both her and Ron’s work on stage and her cartoons.  There is contact information for people who wish to book Kerri and Ron for their church or organization.

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